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Growing Your Sonoran Barrel Cactus From Seed In 5 Steps


1. Soak the Barrel Cactus seeds overnight in lukewarm/room-temperature water. Soaking your barrel cactus seeds simulates an Arizona monsoon and will help increase the barrel cactus seed germination rates.

2. Create barrel cactus potting soil mix. Mix 1 part sand, with 1 part high-quality potting soil. Mix together until blended thoroughly.

3. Fill a small pot three-fourths of the way with a slightly moist barrel cactus potting soil mix. Place two or three barrel cactus seeds per pot on top of the barrel cactus soil mix. Then, cover the seeds lightly with a 1-2 mm thin layer of sand.

4. Place your seed tray into a plastic shopping bag and seal off the bag (string works great). Place the tray in a warm area, that is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 and 27 degrees Celsius) but out of direct sunlight.

5. Make sure not to overwater, but keep your barrel cactus soil mix slightly moist until your barrel cactus seeds germinate. Spraying the soil with a mister or spray bottle will help to ensure you don't allow the soil mix and barrel cactus seeds to get too wet. After the barrel cactus seedlings emerge, you can take off the bag and set the tray into a sunny area until your barrel cacti are several inches tall and ready for you to transport.


Barrel Cactus Indoor Care Tips


Potted barrel cactus should be kept in a warm room in your home. Try to find your barrel cactus a bright sunny location to keep it happy.


When selected a pot to plant your barrel cactus, unglazed terracotta pots are best. When potted in an unglazed terracotta pot your barrel cactus will be protected because terracotta allows for the evaporation of excess water.


Barrel cactus plants are native to arid desert regions of the world. Water your barrel cactus only when the top 1 cm of your potting soil is dry. Not more than once per week in summer.


Your barrel cactus doesn’t need much water in winter when your plant will be dormant. Water once between December and February.


Giving your barrel cactus a little water boost in the spring may help your barrel cactus plant to produce large yellow flowers.

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