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Growing Elephant Bush Succulent | Jade Plant

The quick and convenient guide to growing your Elephant Bush Bonsai Succulent!

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Growing Elephant Bush Succulent

Elephant bush houseplants (Portulacaria afra) thrive in warm temperatures with bright light. There are only a few key rules for how to care for your elephant bush succulent garden.

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Growing Your Elephant Bush Succulent

Elephant bush is a succulent with beautiful plump glossy leaves that grow as a small bush. Elephant Bush are only hardy outside in USDA plant hardiness zones 10 and 11.

Growing Your Elephant Bush Succulent Plants With 2 Simple Rules

#1 Elephant bush succulents need well drained soil. Overly bright sunlight can char the leaves and cause them to drop off. Elephant bush succulents also work well as part of a succulent display with plants that require similar care.

#2 The most common mistake made in caring for succulent plants is over watering. Elephant bush is a drought tolerant plant, they do require minimal watering from April to October. In winter your elephant bush plants are dormant and you may suspend watering. If keeping your elephant bush inside your home you should make sure not have consistently wet soil.

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