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Growing Mango Tree Seedlings

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

The quick and convenient guide to growing your mango trees!

How To Grow Mango Trees
Growing Mango Trees

Growing A Mango Tree

Mango trees produce beautiful green foliage. Mangos prefer tropical and subtropical climates with humid, hot summers and cool, dry, frost-free winters.

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Mango Tree Tree Care Tips

Mango trees grow in warm tropical climates and as such they are not winter hardy. Mango trees can die in temperatures below 30 F (-1). If you are short on planting space or living in a colder climate, growing a mango tree in a container can be an option!

Mango USDA Zones: 9b–11

Mango Tree Planting Tips

Mango Tree Soil

Your mango tree will need airy well-drained soil that is very rich in organic matter. The pH level around 5.5-7.5 (slightly acidic to neutral). We've found that instead of using regular soil from the garden, using a high-quality potting mix combined with 1/3 compost or aged manure in the mix is ideal for mango growth.

Mango Planting Position

Mango trees needs a lot of sun and heat to thrive. Mango's prefer to get 8-10 hours of exposure of full intense sun for optimum growth and productivity. Place your mango tree in a container in the South or West facing position of your garden.


Mango trees planting in ground don’t require much watering, but container grown mango trees are different. You’ll want to water your mango tree regularly in its first two-three years. Once your mango tree is fully established and bearing fruits you can reduce your watering.

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Mango Tree

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