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Colorado Lavender for Raising the Bar

Updated: Jan 19

When Raising the Bar reached out to us about our Lavender, we were beyond thrilled. We couldn't wait to get these flowers packed up. We love growing lavender because of its rugged qualities and carefree temperament.

We are especially proud of how our local soil's flavor profile is reflected in our lavender's unique tasting notes.

Lavender is a perennial shrub, that thrives in arid low nutrient soil. We grow our lavender in a very unique environment, high in the Colorado Mountains (7,500 feet above sea level) The unique stresses of our climate and location produce a lavender that is beautiful, fragrant and extremely potent.

The flowers of the lavender plant have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties, and with good reason, in recent years, research has confirmed that lavender has a wide range of health benefits.

One of the most well-known benefits of lavender is its ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The aroma of lavender has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, which can help to lower feelings of anxiety and tension. The scent of lavender has also been found to improve sleep quality, making it a useful herb for those who struggle with insomnia.

Lavender is also known to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, making it a useful herb for reducing headaches, muscle aches, and other types of pain. Some studies have even found that applying lavender oil to the skin can be as effective as taking ibuprofen for reducing menstrual cramps.

In addition to its internal benefits, lavender is also beneficial for the skin. The herb has been used in skincare products for centuries, due to its ability to soothe skin irritations and improve the overall appearance of the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender can help to reduce redness, itching, and puffiness associated with eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

Lavender is also known to have antimicrobial properties, which means it can help to fight off bacteria and other microorganisms. This can make it an effective herb for treating various types of infections, including those of the skin, ears, and respiratory system.

All things considered, lavender is a powerful herb that has a wide range of health benefits, making it a great addition to anyone's self-care routine. Whether you're looking to reduce stress and improve sleep, relieve pain, or improve the appearance of your skin, lavender is a versatile herb that can be used in many different ways to promote overall well-being.

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