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How Grow Love if a Puff Balloon Vine From Seeds!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your balloon vines!

Love in a puff plant is a tropical to sub-tropical vine with tiny white flowers and green papery fruits that are similar to tomatillos. The vine is a heat lover that is absolutely beautiful when draped over a fence or trellis.

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How to Grow Your Balloon Vine Seeds!

#1 | Start Balloon Vine seeds directly outdoors in a prepared site. Mix in some high quality seed starting soil.

# 2 | Balloon seeds need to be covered with 1/4 inch of soil and kept consistently moist until germination.

#3 | Give the Balloon Vine plant a structure to climb as it grows quickly. Cardiospermum vine can grow as a perennial in frost free zones. Seedlings should emerge in 21-35 days.

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