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How to Grow Arnica Flowers From Seeds

A member of the sunflower family, arnica (Arnica spp.) is a perennial herb that produces yellow-orange, daisy-like blooms in late spring and early summer. Also known as mountain tobacco, leopard’s bane and wolfbane, arnica is highly valued for its herbal qualities.

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How To Grow Arnica From Seeds

# 1 | Prepare your planting area. Prepare a light seeding mix that is free of lime and contains sand, forest loam and peat moss (or coir).

# 2 | Gently press your Arnica seeds into the surface of the soil or barely cover and use your hands to firm them down, keep your seeds evenly moist.

# 3 | Your Arnica seeds should begin germinating in 14 to 25 days.

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