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How to Grow Brussel Sprouts From Seeds

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Brussels Sprouts from seeds!

Long Island Improved Brussel sprouts are the most common and widely adapted open pollinated Brussel Sprout variety for the home vegetable garden! Long Island Improved Brussel sprouts grow as compact plants up to 24 inches tall and produce massive amounts of tight, tender heads that average 1 1/2" in diameter. Relative maturity is 100 days from sowing.

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How to Grow Brussel Sprouts From Seed

# 1 | Since frost brings out the best flavor in brussel sprouts, plant them late in May or early in June for a fall crop. Start the seeds by planting them 1/2" deep in soil.

# 2 | Seedlings should emerge in 10-24 days.

# 3 | When your brussel sprout seedlings grow to 6" tall, transplant or thin them 2' apart. Compress the soil around the seed and keep the ground moist.

# 4 | Mulch to preserve the moisture in the soil. Remove weeds carefully to avoid disturbing the plants. If heavy winds threaten your plant, provide a stake for support. As the leaves on the stem turn yellow, take them off so that the sprouts can freely develop

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