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How to Grow Creeping Mother of Thyme from Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Thyme Seeds!

Wildflowers are an easy way to create an ever-changing landscape of color! The planting of the wildflowers is fairly easy, and if you follow these steps, we can help you create a wildflower garden!

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How to Grow Wildflowers from Seed!

# 1 | Wait until all threat of frost has passed your area.

#2 | Scatter your wildflower seeds on freshly turned soil.

# 3 | Compress your wildflower seed into the soil. You can do this by pressing the seeds down with a flat palm, or by walking directly on top of the planting area. Try not to totally bury the seeds, as they need light to germinate.

# 3 | Keep the soil evenly moist until the seedlings are 4-6 inches tall.

#4 | Germination should occur in 5-14 days, and flowers will bloom in the late spring or early summer!

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