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How to Grow Honeydew Melon From Seed

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Green Flesh Honeydew Melon Seeds!

Honeydew is a well-known home garden melon variety that grows about 7 inches in diameter with a small seed cavity inside. Although it takes about 110 days for the honeydew to ripen, the reward is very worth it. Honeydews thrive in heat so they are a great addition for your summer garden.

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How to Grow Honeydew Melon Seeds

# 1 | Start your plants indoors just 2-4 weeks before transplant. Melons must not be planted until the soil temperature has warmed to 70-80 degrees F, so plan accordingly. If you are in a cold environment, you can plant the honeydew, and then cover the soil with plastic wrap to hold the heat in.

# 2 | Sow several seeds 1/2 inch deep in each peat pot, and keep them at 75 degrees F until they germinate (3-4 days)

# 3 | Thin to the strongest plant in each pot by cutting off the others.

#4| Gradually accustom the plants to outdoor temperatures by setting them outside during the day for a few days. Transplant the honeydews outdoors, plant each seedling 4-6 inches apart.

#5| Adequate moisture is crucial as the vines begin to develop, so keep the soil evenly moist.

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