How to Grow Imperator Carrots From Seeds

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your carrots plants from seeds!

The Imperator Carrot is an AAS Winning carrot variety with excellent flavor and high-quality production! The uniform, dark-orange, slightly tapered roots average 8-9" long with a tender, crisp, coreless flesh. These carrots are recommended for deep loose soil, and mature in about 75 days.

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How to Grow Imperator Carrot From Seed

# 1 | Prepare your soil 3-weeks before the last expected spring frost or when the soil temperature reaches 45 degrees F.

# 2 | Because Imperator carrots grow long and slender they appreciate deeply worked, loose soil. Deeply worked soil will help your imperator carrots reach their full length. Build up a raised mound in a row about 8" wide; sow your carrot seeds on it, and cover them with 1/4" very loose soil.

# 3 | Keep the soil moist, but do not allow the the area above the seeds to become hard - this may prevent the seeds from germinating. In cooler climates you can sow more seeds every 3-6 weeks for a continuous crop.

#4 | Seedlings should emerge in 10-17 days.

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