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How to Grow Mary Washington Asparagus From Seed

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Mary Washington Asparagus from seeds!

Mary Washington Asparagus seeds are an old favorite US variety used in the truck garden and commercial market. This perennial produces early, long, straight, dark-green spears with tight purpling tips that are noted for their uniform size! Delicious and resistant to some rusts and blight. The cutting season can last up to 60 days.

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How to Grow Mary Washington Asparagus From Seed

# 1 | Soak your Mary Washington asparagus seeds overnight to weaken the hard outer layer.

# 2 | Plant you asparagus seeds 1/4" deep and 2". Keep the temperature near 70-80 F, and germination should begin in 12-18 days.

# 3 | Sandy, well drained soil, and full sun are ideal. Keep the soil moist, and apply mulch to discourage weeds. Asparagus greatly benefits from regular additions of compost and other organic matter.

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