How To Grow Maximilian Sunflowers From Seeds

3The quick and convenient guide to growing your very own Maximilian Sunflowers!

Growing Maximilian Sunflowers Seeds

Growing Maximilian Sunflowers from seeds can be a little tricky, but don't worry this guide to growing Maximilian Sunflowers Seeds from seeds will help you through the process in 3 simple steps.

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Growing Maximilian Sunflowers Seeds In 3 Simple Steps

# 1 | Pick a space that receives 8-hours of full sun daily. Sow your Maximilian Sunflowers seeds after the last frost in groups of 3-4 seeds, 1/4-1/2 inch deep. Grow at 70-80°F (21-27°C) during the day and 50-60°F (10-16°C) at night.

# 2 | Water when top of soil becomes slightly dry. Once the first true leaves appear, pick the stronger seedlings and thin to one plant per every 6-12 inches.

# 3 | Maximilian Sunflowers seeds like light and well-drained soil with a low to moderate fertility.

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