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How to Grow Peaches & Cream Corn From Seeds

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your sweet corn from seeds!

Peaches & Cream sweet corn seeds will deliver a sweet, delicious high yielding corn. The sweet, bi-colored kernels hold their flavor well in the field and grow on ears up to 8" long, taking about 83 days to reach maturity.

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How to Grow Peaches & Cream Corn From Seed

# 1 | Prepare your soil with compost or other organic matter. One week after the last frost in your area plant your Peaches & Cream sweet corn seeds 1inch deep and 8-12 inches apart.

# 2 | You'll want to plant enough corn to ensure pollination. We suggest four short rows. Germination should take place in 7-10 days.

# 3 | After the corn emerges, keep it moist and carefully remove weeds. Weeding around your corn is essential because corn has a very difficult time competing against weeds. Additional organic matter or compost helps growth, since corn is a heavy feeder.

# 4 | Keep in mind that corn has very shallow roots which can easily become damaged by hoeing. Watch out for pests, as corn attracts many problematic insects and animals.

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