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How to Grow Summer Savory Herb from Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Summer Savory Seeds!

The peppery flavored leaves of Summer Savory are used either fresh or dried to flavor meat, bean, and egg dishes, as well as salads. An added benefit to the Summer Savory plant is that it repels insects. This herb is an annual variety that grows best in well-drained soil.

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How to Grow Summer Savory Seeds!

#1 | Start seed indoors by sowing it in a flat on the surface of the soil. Press the seeds lightly into the soil, so the seeds can still receive some light.

#2 | Keep the seeds and soil at 70-75 degrees F.

#3 | Germination should occur in about 21 days.

#4 | After the last chance of frost, transplant the seedlings outdoors in well drained or sandy soil and full sun; space them 9-12" apart

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