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Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium 5 Minute Assembly Guide

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Marimo Moss Balls are mystical little aquatic plants that can live to be over 100 years old. Bringing good luck to both the giver and receiver, marimo are perfect for low light spaces, In this marimo moss ball aquarium, we've paired marimo balls with natural pebbles in a classic apothecary style with a matching lid.

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Step #1: Add washed pebbles to the glass aquarium.

Step #2: Add fossil or crystal to the aquarium.

Step #3: Add Manzanita wood to the aquarium.

Step #4: Wash your marimo Moss ball in cold water.

Step #5: Place your marimo Moss ball in the aquarium and add fresh cold water. Allow the water to gently overfill the bowl in the sink. Let water overfill until bowl looks clear.

Step #6: Gently place the cork lid on the glass aquarium. Do not press the cork lid into the glass opening. The Cork willl expand when wet, and if pressed into the glass opening could break your aquarium.

Step #7: Enjoy your new aquarium!

Download Assembly Guide

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Close Up Marimo Moss Ball
Sacred Plant Co Marimo Moss Ball Assembly Guide

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